The seasonal Sefridges campaign windows for Tommy Hilfiger, based around ‘music and backstage’, moments with the apparel reflecting the band tour merchandise. Selfridges windows conveyed a strong message of music through using music connected objects on a large and repetitive scale, allowing the space to come alive.
The double pattern of red and blue rings created a dynamic Moire effect, which was transforming with the movement along the facade and reminding a vinyl.

Market Launch
Tommy Jeans Pop-up3
Tommy Jeans Pop-up1

Denim Customization Lab was a part of Tommy Jeans brand actvation and took place during the official Hudson‘s Bay opening weekend in Amsterdam. This lab traveled to a few other new Hudson’s Bay stores, located in key cities. With its recognizable Tommy Jeans look and feel, it attracted millennial and lifestyle consumers.

Stage concept design for global TED@Tommy
event in Mediahaven, Amsterdam, inspired
by the ‘The courage to…’ theme.

La Rinascente

Rinascente Milan façade windows celebrated Gigi Hadid‘s Spring-Summer capsule collection for Tommy Hilfiger and freewheeling energy of the Summer of Love, drawing from late ‘60s icons and remixing them for today. Each window was a story by itself as each one was isolated, but all together they represented the new collection in bright and aligned way.